Suicide Bunny

coffee-684067_1920Suicide Bunny is an electronic cigarette website that offers a variety of e-cigarette-related products. They offer products ranging from e-liquids, vaping hardware, to collectible merchandise. The founder of Suicide Bunny, Pip Gresham, started making the premium e-liquids from home back in 2013 as a means of helping her husband cover come cigarette addiction. With the success of her husband’s transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, Pip saw the potential to help others with a similar challenge. She had the vision to offer something new to the market, delivering a whole new and different experience to vapers.

Due to these reasons, and from sheer determination, Pip oversaw the transformation of her idea into a reality by establishing a company that offers a variety of premium e-liquids to the public. This assisted individuals transitioning from cigarette smoking to the vaping world, as well as offering them a better overall vaping experience. To date, Pip constantly strives to improve her products ensuring continuous client satisfaction.

Suicide Bunny has a total of thirteen flavors made of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, packaged in child-resistant droppers.

The most common Suicide Bunny flavor brands include:

1024px-510N_e-cigarette_and_e-liquids•Derailed: This flavor delivers a taste of freshly baked cookies and features a sweet banana and cinnamon exhale.
Mother’s Milk: With a high user reputation and rated as the fan- favorite of the series, this e-juice has a rich and creamy dessert taste, with a light strawberry exhale.
Sucker Punch: This is an alluring dragon fruit-mix flavor, crowned with a silky smooth, creamy taste.
The O.B.: Also known by its full name “The Original Bunny”, it’s the new enticing flavor from Suicide Bunny. The flavor consists of multiple layers of flavors that are bound to leave the tongue confused, with a completely deferent feeling each time.
Madrina: This flavor is cream based with a hint of melon, making it a personal favorite to Pip.

The most popular Suicide Bunny eJuice products can be found on

The other eight flavors fall under the King’s Crown and Cloud Company categories. King’s Crown flavors consists of Claim Your Throne, Bound By The Crown, The King, and Fight Your Fate. On the other hand, Cloud Company flavors include Revel, Billow, Arise, and Sky. All these flavors are also made by the producers of Suicide Bunny, and the same level of quality is delivered.

Since Suicide Bunny offers such a wide variety of quality and premium e-juices, it’s only fair to leave everybody to his or her pick. One can only come to a conclusion on the best among the group after giving each flavor a try. It’s, however, not simple to choose since all these flavors leave the user with a different experience each time.